Pino's original paintings are sought after by collectors througout the world. Pino receives numerous requests for commissioned portraits every year. Pino Pino Commissionhas been commissioned to paint some of America's most notable people. The process to commission a portrait by Pino begins with a toll-free call to The Art Shop at 1-888-336-3736. Let us know specific details of what you are looking for. We will ask you the number of figures and any other special requests such as background.

Shown here at a recent New York photo shoot for The Art Shop in Greensboro is Pino preparing a rough sketch for the photographer of the composition he wants for the portrait.

Pino Commission Once a Pino commission is scheduled, studio time will be set up with a New York professional photographer. At this session, photographs will be taken of the subject(s) that will be used to start the preliminary sketch.
Here, Pino directs the photo shoot for The Art Shop's clients who flew in from Dallas.

Pino Commission
Pino loves working with kids especially when they are as cooperative as this young subject. After the photo shoot, our lucky family went to lunch with Pino in Union Square in NY and visited with him at his home and studio.

Completion of the portrait takes approximately 4-5 months from the photo shoot.


The Art Shop at 1-888-336-3736. We will be happy to answer your questions.








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